What to Expect

We know that visiting a new church can be intimidating.  Where do I go?  Are there classes for my children?  What should I wear?  These are just a few questions most people have.  We want to help you know exactly what you will expect when you come visit us.  If you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to reach out to us.  


Where should I park?

We have designated visitor parking spots directly in the front of the building that are reserved just for you.  Once you park, you will be greeted and welcomed at the front door of our church.  

What is there for my kids?

We have classes and services for all ages along with resources for families to build faith at home. When you arrive, we'll help you check your children in, get security name tags, and then walk you to their classrooms. From nursery through 5th grade, each child will be learning about Jesus in a safe, age appropriate, exciting environment. Each of our volunteers are screened and hand-picked for their dedication to share God's love with children.



What should i wear?

You will find people wearing everything from shorts and a t-shirt to some wearing suits.  It doesn't matter what you wear.  We are just excited that you are here.  Come as you are. 

Why do you take communion every week?

Each Sunday we take communion as a remembrance of what God has done for us.  The Bible says that on the first day of the week, they assembled to break bread.  We follow this example as we break bread and take a time of our service to remember the sacrifice that was made for us.

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How do I get involved?

To join the church, at the end of our service, there is a time for people to make a decision.  Whether to join the church, prayer, or baptism.  Just walk forward at this time and the Senior Minister will walk you through it. It is that simple.  

What denomination is FCCJ AFFILIATED with?

First Christian Church Jonesboro is a non-denominational Christian Church.  This is a fancy way of saying that we don't belong to a denomination and that we are self sustained.   

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What does the service look like?

We open with a time of contemporary music.  Then we go into a time of communion and offering.  Our Senior Minister then preaches a message from the Bible before we sing one last song of invitation before we dismiss.  You can expect the service to last from 70-80 minutes.